RPN Calculator Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get more information on Reverse Polish Notation?

Search Google for Reverse Polish Notation

Where is the help for the Windows CE versions?

Currently, the help only runs on desktop computers. RPN Calculator for Windows CE comes with RPNCALC.CNT and RPNCALC.HLP, which you can view on your desktop computer.

How can I troubleshoot the RPN Calculator for Windows CE installation?

RpnSetup.exe is a simple program. It gets the location of Microsoft ActiveSync from the "InstalledDir" value in this registry key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows CE Services
It then runs the Windows CE Application Manager with a command line like this:
"C:\Program Files\Microsoft ActiveSync\ceappmgr.exe" "C:\Download\RPN Calculator\RpnCalc.ini"
The Windows CE Application Manager handles the rest. RpnCalc.ini lists six CAB files: Windows CE can also install directly from a CAB file. Copy the CAB file to Windows CE and run it to install. The CAB files are created with Microsoft's CabWiz utility and a simple text file. The text file states which version of Windows CE the CAB file is for and which platforms are NOT supported.
The Pocket PC installations are for Windows CE 3.00-3.99 and are not supported on "HPC", "HPC Pro" or "Jupiter". The supported platform should be "Palm PC2" (Pocket PC on Windows CE 3.0).
The non-Pocket PC installations are for Windows CE 2.00-3.99 (or 2.11-3.99 for rpncarm.cab) and are not supported on "Palm PC2". The supported platforms include "HPC" (HPC on Windows CE 2.0) ,"HPC Pro" (HPC Professional on Windows CE 2.11), "Jupiter" (HPC 2000 on Windows CE 3.0) or "Palm PC" (Palm-size PC on Windows CE 2.x).
The "Palm PC" (or any "Palm PCXXX") platform is also checked at runtime to differentiate the palm-size PC from the handheld PC.
You can check your platform type using my GetPType utility. Be sure to run the correct processor version of the utility. If the utility reports an alternate platform type, please let me know.

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